A good story is always authentic.

It tells who you are, what you stand for.
It brings out the essence, shows the road you're on.
It speaks to the imagination and gives customers and
employees something solid to believe and hold onto.
A brand that weaves a story that is true, or believed as
true, is trusted and desired.

Good design matters now,
great design matters forever.

Branding done right should emerge so naturally
that it feels and sound like the voice of a close friend.
If design is simply bolted on or used as wrapping
paper the cracks will show and the connection lost. 

Brands should capture the personality,
mystique and emotional values inherent in their
product and services. So that users can generate a
genuine affinity with the brand. One that transcends
beyond the product/service to an extent where
consumers feel that they have found a soul mate.

At Bishop Design, we will always seek the sublime
within simplicity. Crafting design and messages
that speak to the inner core of who we are and
want to be.

Chis Bishop, Design Lead

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